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A Rundown of the Most Important Astoria Safety Stores


Advancements in technology have resulted in some of the most efficient and high tech home security equipment hit the market in recent years. More and more homeowners want the best security systems to protect their home and their personal belongings. Many people do not realize that a smoke alarm is part of your home security equipment. In fact, it is one of the most important components of an effective system. If it is battery operated then change the batteries twice a year. If you live in a daylight savings region then the spring and fall is a perfect time to change the batteries.

Another important piece of home security equipment are magnetic contacts. These particular devices are used as a safeguard for windows and doors. When the magnetic contact is broken by either the door or window being opened, a signal is sent to the system control panel. You can also use vibration or acoustic detectors on glass doors or windows. When the glass is broken, the sound is detected and an alarm is sounded.

The control panel has already been mentioned, but let’s focus on it now. It is considered the brains of the entire home security system. Without a functioning control panel, none of the other electronic monitoring systems will work. The sensors that protect your doors and windows are connected to the control panel. When a sensor is triggered it sends an alarm to the control panel. Our website provides info about Astoria Safety – Fire Extinguishers.

A home security system would not be complete without motion detectors. A motion detector will sense movement or motion by sounding an alarm or turning on a bright light. These are generally used around the outside of the home either at night or while homeowners are away.

A closed circuit camera is another important piece of home security equipment. A camera will transmit images to a video screen. The video screen can be monitored and played back at another time. The camera is often mounted outside the home and very often it is hidden from view.

There are many different pieces of home security equipment that are available. Some people use all of them, while others use only one or two different pieces in their security system. Which will you use to protect your home and possessions?