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Beginner Baby Care: Secrets Revealed


During a normal pregnancy, the unborn baby stays close to 39 months in the mother’s womb. It is surrounded by amniotic fluid for the most part of this period. After birth, the baby’s skin needs to acclimatize to air and is therefore extremely fragile at this point. Additives in normal skin care products can irritate the baby’s skin and be one of the causes of adverse skin reactions. New born babies can suffer from a number of skin conditions like baby acne and cradle cap. Moreover, the delicate skin of babies cannot produce sufficient oil to stay moisturized. Normal skin care products might dry their delicate skin and compound the problem. Cosmetics that are applied over the skin are immediately absorbed by the body. If the products contain synthetic compounds or harsh chemicals, these can enter into the body through the skin. Using such products on babies could be harmful to them.¬†If you wish to learn more about this, visit beginnerbabycare .

The best option is to use organic skin care products for babies. As awareness grows, more people are switching to baby care products that are manufactured purely from organic ingredients. Certified organic products contain far less harmful ingredients than traditional products. In order for products to be certified as organic, they need to meet a number of criteria. Ingredients used in these products need to be farmed on soil that is free from all kinds of chemicals for a minimum of three years. These products must be stored separately from other products that are non-certified. The plants used in these products should not have been fertilized using human sewage. These and a number of other criteria are used to certify products as purely organic. Non-organic products can contain synthetic fragrances that could cause respiratory problems in babies and younger children. Many of these fragrances contain Phthalates, which in extreme cases can cause kidney and liver failure. Certain preservatives like DMDM Hydantoin have been found to be harmful to the immune system. Such compounds can cause more damage in the case of babies and toddlers.