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Can We Buy A Commercial Juicer For Home Use?


Before purchasing a commercial juicer, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Firstly they are very large compared to the ordinary juicer so it might not be suitable for home use. In most time you will need to have a large space to put this machine especially the feeder. If you do not have room for it, working with it might become a problem later.Do you want to learn more? Visit Commercial Juicer.

Secondly a commercial juicer is made for high juicing needs so each time you juice, there has to be substantial amount of produce to juice. In short, you need to have large feeds to operate it to ensure it run smoothly and effectively. If you might think you need large quantity of juice, a commercial juicer will only be good for you if you juice all your juices at one single time else it would be a waste. If you juice smaller portion with this juicer, you might find that it does not run smoothly and it is not worth the hassle you need to put up with especially cleaning.

The difference of a commercial juicer is that it has a special motor that can handle continues operation none stop throughout the day and the motor is high speed. This motor will not have a problem in burning out, but they consume a lot of electricity to run. This is also another reason why it is not suitable for home use. Apart from this, cleaning a commercial juicer is different from your ordinary juicer. As they are bigger, there are many parts involved that should be clean. Most people who use this will only clean them at the end of their operation day when they are close for business. They only need to dispose the pulps when the container is full. The cleaning needs are also different due to its size and therefore maintaining it will be difficult if you are merely a home user.

From this I would say that if you are an avid juicer and you need a large capacity of juices a day but you are merely a home user commercial juicer might still not be a good investment for you. Most home users I feel they do not juice a whole large batch at a single time, but they juice at smaller batches thus an ordinary juicer will be the best option for these people. If you still would like to invest in a commercial juicer, the best advice would be that you look into all aspect of the juicer before buying, especially on the warranty and spare parts availability as commercial juicer are different from ordinary juicer.